Download our Project Portfolio with a list of EGI’s current projects or the Project Report with 850+  projects.


Download or browse Project Portfolio.

Download our Project Portfolio with a list of our current projects and their deliverables  that are currently available for sponsorship.

EGI Oceans

I 01408 | EGI Oceans – Organofacies Machine Learning Model | In Development | See page

North America

I01411 | Source Rocks of the North & Central American Basins | In Development | See Page

South America

I 01409 | Guyana-Suriname Basins | In Progress | See page


I01400 | Red Sea and Gulf of Suez Basins – Tectonostratigraphic elements from source rocks to traps | In Development | See page

I01242 | Karoo Basin Unconventional Characterization | In Development | See page

I01170 | East African Basins & Petroleum Systems | In Development | See page

I 01407 | Eastern Mediterranean Basin Synthesis (EMBS) | In Development | See page

I 01412 | Gas Basins of Africa | In Development | See page


I01069_2 | Sheared Margins of Western Australia, Supplement | Completed | Immediate Delivery | See Page


I01345 | Source Rocks of Gondwana Continents & Margins | In Development | See Page


Download or browse the Project Reports.

The EGI Project Reports book is a catalogue of 850+ EGI projects and and can be downloaded as an efficient reference for the geoscience reports and data available to all members via EGIconnect – EGI’s Online Global Database.