A New Education and Workforce Development Initiative offered by the EGI, at the University of Utah


As the energy transition unfolds, geoscience and engineering students and the existing workforce will need to be trained in the science and technology of newer energy extraction and carbon management concepts. 

These concepts will be developed through five modularized courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Professionals from the energy industry will be able to take these courses for micro-credentials through University Connected Learning (UCL).

Alternative Energy Technologies (CHEN 5310) | S. Mohanty | Fall 2023

Undergrad level | Graduate level

This course will cover all aspects of renewables including hydrogen, wind, solar, bio-gas, geothermal, and next-generation nuclear. This recognizes Utah’s Renewable Energy corridor and highlights the University of Utah’s leadership in high and low-temperature geothermal energy. For example, EGI’s FORGE project is a one-of-a-kind research project. It also provides an unmatched teaching and training opportunity.

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration | (CVEEN 7450) | B. McPherson | Spring 2024

CCUS is encompassed by carbon management. Carbon management is becoming an important skillset for all. This course will provide a background in technical, environmental, and policy issues relevant to carbon capture, as well as CO2 utilization technologies and sequestration.

Energy Management (CHEN 5960 or ECE 5960-006) | M. Parvania | Fall 2023

CHEN 5960 | ECE 5960-006

Complementary to exposure to carbon management concepts, the workforce should appreciate managing energy. This course will focus on energy optimization, alternative energy usage, and smart grid technologies. Studies will be introduced to cyber security considerations relevant to the grid and energy security.

Geoscience for Energy Transition (CHEN 6163) | R. Sorkhabi | Fall 2023


Undergrad level | Graduate level

Energy, mineral, water, soil and food resources are generated through complex, interacting sets of materials and processes operating at the Earth’s subsurface, land surface, oceans and the atmosphere. This course presents an in-depth understanding of Earth’s dynamic systems and substances, how geoscience techniques are employed for energy and mineral exploration and extraction, and how geoscience skillsets are essential to energy transition to low-carbon economies with environment-friendly and secure energy supplies.

Energy Entrepreneurship, Society and Policy | M. Parvania | Spring 2024

The energy business landscape is changing. Startups, entrepreneurial ventures, and social consciousness are transforming as well. This course will cover the growing world of energy startups and monetization of energy technologies including policy and societal issues.

Registration will begin in July 2023 for Fall Semester.