EGI Living Atlas of Natural Hydrogen 

Eiichi Setoyama, Ph.D., Bryony Richards, Ph.D., Christopher Kesler,  Tony Doré, Ph.D.

The EGI Atlas of Natural Hydrogen is a knowledge base consisting of a GIS project of global natural hydrogen fields (Fig. 1) and a collection of interlinked documents, such as field summaries and natural hydrogen-related entries.

Figure 1. Concept diagram of the Atlas as a knowledge base

Cost for sponsors 

$50k USD per sponsor

Project duration

2 years (January 2024–December 2025)


  • To determine key geological conditions required for economic accumulations of natural hydrogen, and to propose play concepts

  • To build a knowledge base with global natural hydrogen analogues 1) to aid in learning about natural hydrogen systems, 2) to facilitate the evaluation of natural hydrogen exploration and production feasibility, and 3) to support innovation of new exploration and production technology and methods


  • ArcGIS project 
  • Digital encyclopedia on natural hydrogen with a bibliography for each entry and topic
  • Global play concepts for natural hydrogen


Preliminary deliverables will be made available upon signing and will be updated regularly