Thematic Projects

Active Research Projects make up the Project Portfolio. These Projects are cost-shared studies designed collaboratively between sponsoring companies and EGI scientists, providing Sponsors with the unique opportunity to shape the project and gain independent insights, interpretations, and evaluations to company-specific questions. All active projects are open for sponsorship from their launch throughout the two-year period of confidentiality and include both Regional and Thematic studies.

EGI Oceans – South Atlantic Source Rock Reclassification

» Source rock potential and their associated OM end-member distribution after mineral matrix connection
» Richness, and quality for each chronostratigraphically delineated South Atlantic source rock interval
» Paleoenvironmental conditions controlling the deposition of source rocks. Spatial distribution of anoxic/dysoxic conditions and organofacies type for identified source rock intervals.
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EGI Oceans – South Atlantic

» New age, paleoenvironment & geochemical analyses of ~200 core samples
» 20 key sites from the South Atlantic conjugate margin, including East Africa
» Source rock focused Cretaceous & Jurassic samples for HAWK™ geochemical analyses
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EGI Oceans – C & N Atlantic Petroleum Systems

» Recalibrating the stratigraphy & petroleum systems of the Central & North Atlantic conjugates
» A selected array of 35 COST, industry & DSDP-ODP-IODP sites
» Unique capability in high-res chronostrat & geochem studies
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Source Rocks of the North & Central American Basins

» An ArcGIS database of source rocks of North & Central American basins (USA, Canada, Mexico and Cuba and certain relevant countries) including basinal, stratigraphic, sedimentological, and geochemical attributes (e.g. TOC, Ro, kerogen type, pyrolysis, HC type, etc.) compiled from EGI’s proprietary data archive, DSDP-ODP sites as well as from other technical publications.
» ArcGIS maps highlighting distribution of source rocks in space and through geologic history.
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Petroleum Migration History - Colombian Foreland

» Arc GIS project including all data, profiles and maps addressing problems to be solved, which are listed in the Task list.
» Written report with accompanying graphic documentation on the results of the tasks focused on individual open problems listed in the Task list.
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South American Shales, Phase 2

» 27 Shales, 11 basins, 5 countries
» Reservoir characterization
» Independent review of resources – shale gas & shale oil and Integrated ArcGIS
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Karoo Basin Unconventional Characterization

» Integrated reservoir characterization
» Evaluation & ranking of shale gas potential and key variables for gas viability
» Integrated ArcGIS
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East African Basins & Petroleum Systems

» Detailed integrated stratigraphic charts
» Structural cross-sections, wellcontrolled paleogeographic facies reconstructions (Carboniferous-Recent)
» Play Fairway Maps & Basin Modeling
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Circum-Adriatic Petroleum Systems

» Determination of crustal types, architecture and plate configuration for robust thrustbelt/basin models
» Development of stratigraphic relationships for key areas for basin modeling
» Characterization of all major source rocks, reservoir rocks, seals and trap retention; Inventory of oils, gases, and potential source rocks from the region from all available sources
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Myanmar to Java – Basin Analysis & Petroleum Systems

» Regional tectonics and basin evolution
» Geology & petroleum systems of back-arc, fore-arc & fore-deep basins
» Recommended play opportunities
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Asia-Pacific Hybrid Unconventional Non-marine Plays

» Geologic, geochemical & mineralogical parameters for non-marine strata
» Basin evolution and the development of non-marine petroleum system elements
» Predictive models for play habitat of stratigraphically associated non-marine hybrid unconventional system
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South China Sea Petroleum Systems

» Tectono-stratigraphic figures & paleogeographic maps
» Petroleum systems & fairway analysis
» ArcGIS mapping & data integration for producing reservoirs & prospects
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Southern Papuan Basin Integrated Petroleum Systems

» Delineate and risk frontier potential of the Southern Papuan Basin
» Quantify source rock attributes using anhydrous and hydrous pyrolysis, GC & GC-MS and XRD
» Quantify reservoir properties using petrography, petrophysics and XRD data
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Sheared Margins of Western Australia, Phase 2

» Structural architecture & basin development
» Thermal regimes
» Prioritization of margin segments and Integrated ArcGIS
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Sheared Margins of Western Australia, Supplement

» Phase 1 Supplement
» Sealed versus leaky structural highs of the Late Jurassic, Aptian/Albian, Turonian and Cretaceous/Paleocene West Australia
» Learning from the spatial and temporal distribution of fault activity, burial minima, erosional unconformities and missing strata
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Source Rocks of Gondwana Continents & Margins

» ArcGIS database of source rocks across Gondwana’s Continents and Margins (South America, African, Arabian Peninsula, India and Australia) including basinal, stratigraphic, sedimentological, and geochemical attributes (e.g. TOC, Ro, kerogen type, pyrolysis, HC type, etc.) compiled from EGI’s proprietary data archive, DSDP-ODP sites as well as from other technical publications.
» ArcGIS maps highlighting distribution of source rocks in space and through geologic history.
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Thermal History of Transform Margins

» Determination of thermal histories of different transform margins
» Determination of how the rapid local pull-apart thinning influences such thermal history
» Determination of mechanisms and factors controlling the source rock maturation history with an attempt to develop a predictive tool
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Production & Economic Analysis of Tight Reservoirs

» Provide insight to multiphase flow behavior in hydraulically fractured reservoirs using analytical and numerical tools.
» Develop diagnosis tools to help determine the impact of reservoir rock, fluid, completion, and operational practices on liquid recovery.
» Apply acquired knowledge to increase liquid recovery through optimization of completion practices such as fracture and well spacing.
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Heterogeneity of Fine-grained Reservoirs

» Conceptual models of depositional patterns, architecture, and regional to nano-scale qualitative and quantitative characterization approaches and heterogenous features of extent, thickness, geomorphology, stratigraphic occurrence, lithofacies, facies architecture, geochemistry, mineralogy, structure, natural fractures, porosity, permeability, pores and pore structure, pressure, rock mechanical properties, and other properties of representative fine-grained tight to shale reservoirs.
» Thorough understanding of the relationship between geologic variables and their heterogeneity, reservoir quality, hydrocarbon accumulation and production of unconventional plays.
» Predictable models of heterogeneity to help companies understand the guidelines of exploration and production for marine, transitional, and lacustrine settings in different tectonic settings in the U.S., Canada, Argentina, and China at multiple scales.
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Beyond Digital Rock Physics

» Developing new constitutive transport laws for shales by performing flow through experiments on Rock on Chip at nano-scale
» Understanding the effect of wettability by tailoring the wettability of Rock on Chip
» Understanding the effect of channel shape and dimensions on relative permeability; Understanding the effect of confinement on PVT properties of hydrocarbon fluids
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Enhanced Oil Recovery in Shales

» Provide sound injection strategies for enhanced oil recovery in shales based on phase behavior and flow capacities.
» Provide optimized injection – production well configurations for field application.
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Large-Scale Geologic Controls on Hydraulic Stimulation

» Structural regimes & effective stimulation
» Stress contrast influence
» Simulations & diagnostics
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Source Rocks in Space & through Time, Phase 2

» Practical applications for conventional & unconventional plays
» Depositional & geochemical characterization
» World basin classification based on source rocks
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