Hydrogen and Energy Transition: Technologies and Implications

Momentum is building for a hydrogen-based economy. Large-scale use of hydrogen for a variety of industrial processes is common. In the current resurgence of interest in hydrogen, new methods of production, storage and end-use are being considered. Hydrogen is viewed as the fuel of choice to store excess renewable energy and use when dictated by demand. This webinar explores the hydrogen landscape in the context of the ongoing energy transition.

There is considerable interest in discovering naturally occurring hydrogen. Instances of natural hydrogen occurrence and geologic conditions amenable for natural hydrogen accumulation will be reviewed. Current methods of hydrogen production – steam methane reforming, electrolysis, etc. will be discussed along with possible carbon dioxide capture technologies. Energy requirements and efficiencies in all of the key steps in each of the processes will be presented. Water usage over the hydrogen life cycle of production, storage and use will be discussed and compared with water use for other energy sources.

The webinar is intended to present a balanced view of the use of hydrogen as a ‘universal’ fuel and identify key gaps in knowledge and research opportunities.