Chris Kesler

GIS Manager


Phone: 801-585-3542
Fax: 801-585-3540


Development of GIS projects since 1997

Spatial data manipulation and reformatting

Geographic Information Systems Technology (GIS)

1997 B.A. in Geography, University of Utah

Research Interests

  • Cartography
  • GIS project development
  • Spatial data manipulation and reformatting
  • Geographic Information Systems Technology (GIS)

Technical Expertise 

  • ArcGIS 10.x
  • ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE
  • SQL Server and Access; GPS data integration

Christopher Kesler serves as EGI GIS Manager, focusing on a variety of activities in support of global scientific research. He has been with EGI since 1997 when he first began working as a GIS Technician. He works closely with EGI scientists and international project partners and EGI member companies and governments worldwide to deliver comprehensive, clear, and detailed GIS products. As GIS Manager, he supervises GIS technicians and provides advice and direction to student workers and graduate students on how to most efficiently use GIS software for data capture, analysis and presentation.

Professional Experience

Organizing ArcGIS map documents for final delivery • Digitizing maps and creating feature classes and associated metadata • Creating digital maps and documents for major research projects and proposals • Presenting GIS data to project sponsors • Analyzing GIS information • Coordinating in-house ESRI software acquisition • Building GIS projects to produce project deliverables • Consulting with EGI scientists • Digitizing, development of GIS databases for petroleum, geologic and geothermal energy related projects, and metadata for feature classes • Data manipulation and preparation for entry in to GIS system

Current & Recently Completed Projects

iCORDS™ • Southern Papuan Basin Petroleum Systems • South American Shales, Ph2 • Petroleum Systems Atlas of Mexico: An ArcGIS Folio • Source Rocks In Space & Through Time • China Shale Gas & Shale Oil • India Subcontinent Shale • East Africa Margins • Libya Oil & Gas Fields Digital Atlas • Circum India GIS product Ph 1 & 2 • Vietnam to Sumatra • Circum Borneo GIS product

Energy & Geoscience Institute Internal Development Tasks

Load legacy feature classes/raster datasets to ArcSDE server • Load file based data to enterprise ArcSDE server • Update feature class attributes • Analyze project map documents for publishing to ArcGIS Server • Coordinate data & web map architecture with programmers ( • Produce maps (figures/posters) for Institute activities and publications