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Energy Geoscience Institute (EGI) is a University of Utah research institute specializing in sustainable energy and mineral production. EGI is uniquely positioned to lead the energy transition as the world moves toward lower and zero carbon technologies. EGI is one of the very few large energy institutes with capabilities and ongoing research in traditional energy technologiesgeothermal energy and carbon dioxide utilization and storage. Located in the University Utah’s Research Park, EGI works closely with the Colleges of Engineering, Mines and Earth Sciences and others to realize knowledge creation and dissemination. EGI works closely with its Corporate Associates to achieve its mission.

EGI’s mission is to create inspiring science and technology to explore for and produce Earth’s energy resources sustainably. EGI aims to deliver high quality research, knowledge, and data to solve subsurface problems related to hydrocarbon recovery, geothermal energy and carbon dioxide management in global collaboration with academic, industry, and government organizations.

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