The Great Salt Lake is shaped by the interplay of water and sediment dynamics, fluctuations in lake level, and the accumulation of salts and minerals. However, in recent history, it is the human impact that has started to change the lake in ways we are only just starting to understand; declining water levels, altering salinity, habitat loss, dust storms and associated declining air quality are among some of the concerns the Great Salt Lake Region is facing. During this field trip we will be tracking the history of the Great Salt Lake; from its precursor geology and evolving geomorphology to the human influences that have shaped it from Prehistoric peoples to modern exploration for critical minerals.

Field Trip: Great Salt Lake Tour

7:00 AM – 5:30 PM

September 21, 2023

Tour Sand Dunes – Knoll OHV Park

Wendover Historic Airfield

Bonneville Salt Flats – Bonneville Raceway Tour

Juke Box Trench and Danger Cave