The International Meeting on Applied Geoscience Energy organized jointly by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) was held in Houston from 28 August through 1 September in Houston, Texas. This was the third IMAGE convention held in the past three years. As before, EGI had an active presence in the 2023 IMAGE with a booth as well as four technical presentations:

“Improving organofacies identification and source rock evaluation using predictive modeling” by Eiichi Setoyama, Sylvain Garel, Dhrupad Beti, Christopher Kesler, Tony Dore (August 29); “Microfossils in Hydrocarbon Exploration: Case Studies” by Eiichi Setoyama, Sylvain Garel, Dhrupad Beti, Sudeep Kanungo, Christopher Kesler (August 31); “The Middle East in the oil world: Past landmarks and new bearings,” Rasoul Sorkhabi (August 31), and “Ranking the US shale plays using data science: Insights into oil production performance,” by Rasoul Sorkhabi, Panja Palash, Milind Deo (August 31).

Dr. Milind Deo (Director of EGI), Dr. Rasoul Sorkhabi (Research Professor), Dr. Eiichi Setoyama (Research Scientist), Dr. Palash Panja (Research Assistant Professor), and Brooke Tucker (EGI’ Technology Outreach Marketing Manager) attended the 2023 IMAGE and had informative interactions with colleagues and leaders in the energy industry. The convention drew thousands of geoscientists, engineers, students as well as professionals and managers from energy companies in the US and overseas.

Photo: Rasoul Sorkhabi, Ph.D., Milind Deo, Ph.D., Brooke Tucker, Palash Panja, Ph.D., and Eiichi Setoyama, Ph.D., at the AAPG IMAGE conference in Houston in August, 2023.