We are pleased to announce the recent advancements in EGI’s iCORDS Offshore data platform, a robust solution designed with the core understanding that Big Data provides the competitive advantage in contemporary geoscience and exploration technologies.

With over a decade of development by top university research scientists, iCORDS 2 now offers online access to an extensive and meticulously curated database encompassing approximately 14 million samples from thousands of offshore wells. The integration of subsurface geochemical, geologic, and petrophysical data, paired with supportive ocean-floor maps, heat flow data, and seismic lines, delivers a streamlined experience for our global subscribers.

The easy-to-use query and graphical plotting functionalities amplify the value of this cloud-based data-analytic platform.

Schedule an iCORDS 2 Demo

Recognizing the unique needs of professionals engaged in offshore and deepwater exploration, we extend an invitation for a personalized demo of iCORDS 2 at a time convenient for you and your team. EGI’s rich history of over 50 years in energy resource exploration across the globe uniquely positions us to augment your knowledge base and support your new ventures in oil and gas exploration.

Please reach out to Rasoul Sorkhabi at rsorkhabi@egi.utah.edu for a Zoom or in-person meeting at your company to explore this and other tailored solutions by EGI.

Please visit the iCORDS website for more information.

An iCORDS 2 demo will also be showcased at the upcoming EGI Technical Conference in Salt Lake City occurring September 18-21, 2023.

CORDS™ Offshore Module is offered on Google Cloud with an annual subscription.

US $40,000 (1st year)

$30,000 (subsequent years)

$20K/year for EGI CA Members in 2024

Free for EGI CA Members in 2023


Rasoul Sorkhabi, Ph.D. | rsorkhabi@egiwpadmin or contactegi@egi.utah.edu