Greetings from the Energy & Geoscience Institute (EGI) for a safe and prosperous 2023! The world started getting back to ‘normal’ by late 2022. The energy business remained volatile due to the geopolitical events and due to challenges and bottlenecks created by the pandemic. We were grateful to start in-person meetings and collaboration discussions with our partners. EGI celebrated its 50th anniversary on September 19, 2022. We had a Technical Conference and an evening Banquet. EGI aims to make impactful contributions to energy research over the next 50 years.

In collaboration with academic departments at the University of Utah, EGI will start delivering a new program – Resilient Energy. The program encompasses five courses – Geoscience for Energy Transition, Alternate Energy, Energy Management, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration, and Energy Entrepreneurship, Society and Policy. The program is intended to instruct undergraduate and graduate students, and to provide education to the energy workforce through non-traditional courses. The program will provide a formal outreach to the ongoing energy transition research at EGI.

Industrial partners may work with EGI as Corporate Associate Members or collaborate with EGI through sponsored research activities. As the world is working on energy transition, EGI is embarked on operationalizing many low-carbon energy components.

As new projects are developed, companies can utilize the operational knowledge gained. EGI conducts and manages many federally funded projects. Collaborating with EGI will give your companies opportunities to observe and/or participate in the research, learn the findings first-hand and receive access to scientists and students conducting research. EGI manages the Frontier Observatory for Geothermal Research (FORGE) project funded by the US DOE. EGI’s portfolio of CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration) projects continues to grow. The Intermountain Industrial Assessment Center (IIAC) led by Professor Kody Powell is affiliated with EGI, and will also be able to help companies conceptualize and execute complex decarbonization schemes. Collaboration with Electric Power Innovation Center (EPIC) headed by Professor Masood Parvania will facilitate our efforts to address problems ranging from energy optimization to grid resiliency. We look forward to meeting and conceiving mutually beneficial projects with your teams.

EGI continues to provide value in petroleum exploration and production. We regularly add data elements to EGI’s signature database, EGIConnect. EGI has significantly improved the data and analytical capabilities of iCORDS Offshore 2.0. We believe these tools offer unparalleled access to data and world-wide exploration capability. EGI scientists have used these tools and additional data to create interpreted packages for certain promising locations. Please contact our staff on additional details on these projects.

EGI was honored to host the United States Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm at the University of Utah on February 8th. Secretary Granholm received an update on FORGE and delivered a press conference where she announced more DOE funding opportunities for engineered geothermal systems.

EGI is committed to driving the energy transition while promoting energy security. We look forward to working with you on problems of mutual interest. We will be delighted to host you in our Salt Lake City offices or visit your locations to discuss and share ideas.