EGI is rising to meet the new needs of the energy industry. For 50 years, more than 170 corporate associate members have been a cornerstone of EGI’s work in hydrocarbon exploration and evaluation. The program has evolved over time to better serve its members with changes in research programs and expanded availability of EGI’s research. EGI provides members with the additional service benefits of Peer Assist time with EGI scientists and training courses for professional development. EGI hosts corporate associates in annual Corporate Associates Technical Conferences, where we discuss the latest research work at EGI.

New for 2022, our corporate associates benefits package includes eight benefits designed to meet your needs in the energy transition, with benefits reaching across all of EGI’s research capabilities:

  1. Access to Global Reports & Data
  2. New Research Studies
  3. Peer Assist with EGI Scientists
  4. Training & Field Trip Courses
  5. Energy Transition Briefings
  6. State-of-the-Art Laboratory Facilities
  7. Technical Webinars
  8. Annual Corporate Associate Technical Conferences

Members can utilize EGI’s expertise through access to our global reports and data and direct engagement with our scientific staff. Our online database EGIconnect contains more than 900 completed EGI reports immediately available to members, along with over 18,000 other technical reports, thousands of km of seismic lines, and over 4,000 well logs. EGI’s data is global in scope, with decades and hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of reports immediately accessible to members.

Conducting cutting-edge research remains one of EGI’s primary objectives, and we invite your participation in new research studies. EGI has offered cost-shared research projects as a benefit for corporate associates for many years. Sponsors play a significant role in guiding ongoing research and receive a copy of the final report for their libraries. Now, building on our sponsorship structure, members receive the added benefit of a discount on project sponsorship costs. As a result, CA Members enjoy the same amount of project involvement at a reduced price.

We offer one week of dedicated time for Peer Assists, where EGI scientists work on issues of your choice. We can conduct Peer Assists at EGI in Salt Lake City, remotely, or at members’ location by invitation. We also offer training and field courses customized to members’ unique needs, built on topics from our research staff’s areas of expertise.

EGI’s Corporate Associates program includes new benefits geared towards the energy transition. Engage with EGI’s outstanding research groups in Geothermal Energy and Carbon Management with new quarterly energy transition briefings. This benefit brings these research groups and their expertise directly to corporate associates like never before.

EGI’s laboratory facilities offer exceptional sample analysis capabilities. EGI, in combination with the University of Utah Nanofab facility, has the most densely concentrated high technology equipment in the United States capable of source rock and high-resolution reservoir characterization. CA members gain access to this state-of-the art laboratory with a discount on standard rates for research services.

Members can also join our new series of technical webinars on timely topics related to the industry from all of EGI’s research teams. Watch for impactful themes, speakers, and opportunities to join these topical discussions.

The centerpiece for engagement with our entire membership is the annual Corporate Associates Technical Conference. This gathering invites delegates from all of EGI’s corporate associate members to a technical event where we share and discuss the latest and emerging research.

Please visit our corporate associates webpage to learn more about our updated benefits package, or contact us to learn more and to become a corporate associate member. We look forward to serving you.

Special offer for new corporate associates who join in 2022: one year of complimentary access to iCORDSTM Offshore, an upgraded web-based application by EGI. iCORDSTM Offshore includes access to thousands of wells and over 11 million samples, flexible search functions and engaging graphics. Learn more about iCORDSTM.