Eiichi Setoyama

Research Scientist


Phone: 801-585-9768 
Fax: 801-585-3540 

Micropaleontology (foraminifera)

Biostratigraphy (graphic correlation)

Paleoenvironment reconstruction

Data analysis

Regional & Basin Experience

  • West Africa (EGI Oceans projects I01276, I10350)

  • NW Africa (EGI Oceans projects I01229)

  • East coast of South America (EGI Oceans projects I01276, I10350)

  • Northern coast of South America – Suriname-Guyana (EGI Oceans project I01276, I01229, I10350)

  • East coast of North America (EGI Oceans project I01229)

  • Western Barents Sea (Ph.D. thesis)

  • Bering Sea (Post-doctoral project)

2013-2014 Postdoctoral research, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

2012 Ph.D. in Geology, Institute of Geological Sciences in Kraków, Poland

2007 MS in Paleobiology, University College London, UK

Language Skills

  • Japanese

  • English

  • Setoyama, E. & Kanungo, S. (2020). Mesozoic Biochronostratigraphy and Paleoenvironment of the South Atlantic: A revised framework based on 20 DSDP and ODP deep-water sites. Journal of South American Earth Sciences. 102511.10.1016/j.jsames.2020.102511.
  • 2017 Alan Higgins Award for Applied Micropalaeontology, The Micropaleontological Society
    1. The ECORD Scholarships for an ECORD summer school in 2010, The European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling
  • 2009–2011. Polish Government Scholarship for Japanese students
    1. Sepkoski Grant for research, The Paleontological Society
    1. Stanisław Geroch Memorial Stipend, The Grzybowski Foundation

  1. Beti, D.R., Garel, S., Setoyama, E., Behar, F., Ring, T.A., Kanungo, S., 2021. A new resource assessment workflow to achieve gas risk and phase-specific source potential indices. Marine and Petroleum Geology 131, 105136. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2021.105136

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