Sudeep Kanungo on His Professional Journey and Career Development

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March 26th, 2022

Sudeep Kanungo on His Professional Journey and Career Development

In February 2022, EGI Research Associate & Associate Adjunct Professor Sudeep Kanungo sat down with The Interview Portal, an organization that aims to help students understand career choices in various fields and early professionals learn skills to succeed in their careers. This interview reveals Kanungo’s thoughts about his career and educational progression up to his current role with EGI. Multiple influences and individuals shaped Kanungo’s career path, including his decision to pursue a PhD in micropaleontology at University College London after completing his master’s degree in geology at the University of Delhi.

Kanungo leads the EGIOceans team at EGI, which has produced detailed biostratigraphic analyses of the world’s oceans drawing on DSDP-ODP and other data sets. Completed EGIOceans reports are available for sponsorship or to EGI corporate associates through EGIconnect.

Kanungo offers this advice based on his career and life experiences:

  • "Follow your dream career – don’t settle for anything less. When you love what you do, you never get bored. Find honor and joy in whatever you choose to do."
  • "Listen to and appreciate alternative perspectives (not just your own) to a problem or issue. There is always another side to a situation that you may be unaware of."
  • "Build and cultivate relationships with people everywhere because you never know who will help you ultimately. Start by building a strong network on LinkedIn (aim for at least 1000+ contacts)."
  • "Don’t be rigid about Plan A – if it doesn’t work out, follow Plan B. Endeavor to reinvent yourself continuously by learning from your mistakes and acquiring a new skill or talent. For example, I like learning a new word or phrase, or a place or animal name every day."
  • "Excellence comes only through a combination of passion, knowledge, practice and humility.”

Read the full interview (including this advice) on The Interview Portal’s website.

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