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TBD based on samples, services evaluations. Please contact us to discuss the possibility of a no-cost test project to prove value for future sample sets to be evaluated.
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Bryony Richards


Value to Sponsors:

Core through Pore™ Integrated Petrological Workflow for cutting-edge interpretation of composition, texture, fabric, porosity, permeability, micro-tectonics, micro-facies/depositional evolution and diagenetic history.

A progressive workflow for geological and material science samples Petrological atlases with panoramic thin section images

  1. Comprehensive petrological analyses using the Core through PoreTM

integrated analytical approach using optical microscopy, XRD, XRF, MINSCAN®, SEM, FIB-SEM and TEM/STEM. 2. Contextually connect nano to micrometers areas of interest to larger sample sets. 3. Geochemical and petrological databases and charts (Excel). 4. Integrated assessment of analysis with available well log and magnetic data. 5. Delivered on ArcGIS platform with GIS catalog delivered in Excel format. 6. Documentation from interim and final project presentations.

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