Circum-Adriatic Petroleum Systems

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$50k (USD) per Sponsor
In Development
Principal Investigator(s):
Michal Nemčok

421 2-2062-0781 (SVK)

Value to Sponsors:
  • Determination of crustal types, architecture and plate configuration for

robust thrustbelt/basin models

  • Development of stratigraphic relationships for key areas for basin modeling

  • Characterization of all major source rocks, reservoir rocks, seals and trap retention

  • Inventory of oils, gases, and potential source rocks from the region from all available sources

  • Arc GIS project including all data, profiles and maps addressing problems to

be solved, which are listed in the Task list.

  • Brief explanatory text with accompanying graphic documentation on the results of the tasks focused on individual open problems listed in the Task list.
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