Production & Economic Analysis of Tight Reservoirs

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In Development
Principal Investigator(s):
Palash Panja


Raul Velasco


Milind Deo


Value to Sponsors:
  • Provide insight to multiphase flow behavior in hydraulically fractured

reservoirs using analytical and numerical tools.

  • Develop diagnosis tools to help determine the impact of reservoir rock, fluid, completion, and operational practices on liquid recovery.

  • Apply acquired knowledge to increase liquid recovery through optimization of completion practices such as fracture and well spacing.

  • Provide semi-analytical tools that capture complex multiphase flow behavior

and their application to a robust production data base (over 6000 wells) from prolific liquid plays in the USA such as the Bakken, Niobrara, Eagle Ford, Woodford, and the Permian Basin.

  • Apply developed knowledge as reservoir evaluation tools to:

  • Calculate fracture interference time

  • Determine fracture conductivity

  • Determine reservoir depletion

  • Forecast fluid production

  • Estimate EUR

  • Identify geological, fluid, rock-fluid, completion and operational parameters and their degree of influence on production through semi-analytical and numerical multivariate analysis.

  • Based on the developed theoretical framework, provide a universal fracture and well spacing optimization strategy that considers production and current economic trends such as oil prices.

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