Heterogeneity of Fine-grained Reservoirs

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Dr. Shu Jiang



Value to Sponsors:
  • Conceptual models of depositional patterns, architecture, and regional to

nano-scale qualitative and quantitative characterization approaches and heterogenous features of extent, thickness, geomorphology, stratigraphic occurrence, lithofacies, facies architecture, geochemistry, mineralogy, structure, natural fractures, porosity, permeability, pores and pore structure, pressure, rock mechanical properties, and other properties of representative fine-grained tight to shale reservoirs.

  • Thorough understanding of the relationship between geologic variables and their heterogeneity, reservoir quality, hydrocarbon accumulation and production of unconventional plays.

  • Predictable models of heterogeneity to help companies understand the guidelines of exploration and production for marine, transitional, and lacustrine settings in different tectonic settings in the U.S., Canada, Argentina, and China at multiple scales.

  • Access to an atlas of typical fine-grained reservoirs and interdisciplinary database.

  1. Variation features of facies, electrofacies, geochemistry, mineralogy,

petrophysics, pore system, natural fracture, geomechanical property, and other

properties of fine-grained unconventional plays within sequence stratigraphic

framework in marine, transitional, and lacustrine settings in different

tectonic settings in the U.S., Canada, Argentina, and China.

  1. Statistical and artificial neutral network methods, 3-D geostatistical modeling, and case studies of qualitative and quantitative characterization of reservoir heterogeneity.

  2. Impacts of heterogeneity of reservoir properties on reservoir quality, hydrocarbon accumulation, and production.

  3. Database of digital results (photos of outcrops, cores, petrology, facies, porosity, permeability, and other properties) of representative unconventional plays.

  4. Meeting presentations and project report (electronic and hard copy).

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