Beyond Digital Rock Physics

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$105k total; Module 1 - $60k (USD)nModule 2 - $45k (USD)
In Development
Principal Investigator(s):
Milind Deo


Manas Pathak


Value to Sponsors:
  • Developing new constitutive transport laws for shales by performing flow

through experiments on Rock on Chip at nano-scale

  • Understanding the effect of wettability by tailoring the wettability of Rock on Chip

  • Understanding the effect of channel shape and dimensions on relative permeability

  • Understanding the effect of confinement on PVT properties of hydrocarbon fluids

  1. Report on ranges of organic and inorganic porosity from digital rock model

and 3D visualization of organic and inorganic facies

  1. Experimental measurements of relative permeabilities for multi-phase fluids in rocks of in-situ wettability

  2. Evaluation of recovery factor after secondary and tertiary recovery treatment of choice

  3. Selection of most effective fracturing fluid and proppant for a particular reservoir

  4. Report on bubble points of nano-confined oil

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