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Principal Investigator(s):
Sudeep Kanungo


Matthias Greb


Eiichi Setoyama


David Thul


Value to Sponsors:
  • New core sample analyses of selected intervals from 20 DSDP-ODP sites in the

South Atlantic with ArcGIS delivery in November 2015.

  • 20 key sites from the South Atlantic conjugate margins (South America and western Africa), including one site (DSDP 249) from East Africa.

  • Concurrent chronostratigraphic, paleoenvironmental and geochemical analysis of up to 200 samples from critically identified gaps.

  • Source rock related Cretaceous and Jurassic intervals for Hydrocarbon Analyzer with Kinetics (HAWK™) geochemical analyses; quality control and new data generation using modern HAWK™ instrumentation.

  • At least 1000 new data points (from the 200 samples) resulting from chronostratigraphy and geochemical measurements will be added to the regional synthesis dataset.

  1. Improved age re-synthesis: Based on interpretations via new sample

acquisition and analysis that have indicated some large shifts, especially in

the Falkland sector.

  1. Paleoenvironmental interpretations, and data-permitting, paleofacies maps for selected intervals, e.g., Tithonian, early Aptian, mid-to late Albian.

  2. Improved chronostratigraphic cross-sections will illustrate the regional chronostratigraphy and distribution of biofacies, data permitting.

  3. Source rock characterization for richness, maturity, kerogen type, and kinetics as well as petroleum systems integration

  4. Geochemical logs: Posted depth standardized data for geochemical log for age-depth interpretation of results.

  5. Anhydrous pyrolysis kinetic values for elected source intervals.

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