Myanmar to Java – Basin Analysis & Petroleum Systems

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$76.5k (USD) per Sponsor
In Development
Principal Investigator(s):

Dr. Shu Jiang


Value to Sponsors:
  • Summary for the regional tectonics and basin evolution in western SE Asia,

running North – South, from Myanmar to Java Island region.

  • Comparison of the geology and petroleum systems of back-arc, fore-arc and fore-deep basins on a regional basis.

  • Recommended play exploration opportunities in both frontier basins and exploration mature basins.

  • Compendium with predictive models addressing the similarities and dissimilarities of petroleum systems in back-arc, fore-arc and fore-deep basins in different tectonic settings prioritized for exploration strategy or as analogs for exploration in other similar basins in the world.

  1. ArcGIS based database including regional tectonic and depositional


stratigraphic charts and stratigraphic cross sections for each basin and/or

sub-basins, maps of Petroleum system elements and chart, modeled burial and

thermal history and hydrocarbon migration and accumulation results, play maps,

potential plays, examples and models for basins in trench-slope fore-deep,

fore-arc and back-arc settings.

  1. Interim data uploads (2 to 3) during the course of the research.

  2. Meeting presentations and project report (both digital and hardcopy);

  3. Reliable bibliographic database.

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