Southern Papuan Basin Integrated Petroleum Systems

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Principal Investigator(s):
John Conolly


David Thul


Paul Adams


Simon McDonald


Value to Sponsors:
  • The first phase of a comprehensive study of source rocks and oil fluid

samples in the foreland and Papuan fold belt.

  • Open file samples from the PNG Department of Petroleum and Energy (DPE).

  • Samples were obtained from Geoscience Australia in Canberra, from the Kestrel Laboratory in Melbourne, and from the Weatherford Laboratory in Brisbane

  • Samples sent by participating companies.

  • Open file rock samples (core, side wall core, drill cuttings) gas and oilseep samples, geophysical and geological logs, data and reports.

  • Using these resources and published data, EGI created a comprehensive data base. Analytical work has been conducted at EGI’s organic geochemistry lab which houses a state of the art HAWK™ pyrolysis instrument. The HAWK™ instrument offers greater precision in free hydrocarbon measurement and better repeatability than previous generation instruments and the complementary suite of instruments provides full quantification of the petroleum system elements.

  • 60 wells were sampled in the foreland basin and parts of the fold belt for a basic HAWK™ analysis.

  • 28 analyses of oils and seeps.

  1. Digital & Printed Report
  2. 1900 HAWK Analyses
  3. Pyrolysis & Pyrograms from 60 wells
  4. Analyses & interpretation from 28 oil samples
  5. Maps, Cross-sections & Selected Well Montages
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