EGI Oceans – C & N Atlantic Petroleum Systems

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$180k (USD)
Completed | Immediate Delivery
Principal Investigator(s):
Sudeep Kanungo


Eiichi Setoyama


Value to Sponsors:
  • Recalibration of the stratigraphy and evaluation of petroleum systems of the

Central &  North Atlantic Ocean conjugate margin. 

  • Timely opportunity to leverage a carefully selected array of 40 wells: COST – Continental Offshore Stratigraphic Test plus commercial wells and DSDP-ODP-IODP sites, recommended by EGI corporate members.

  • Both in-house and affiliate scientist expertise and partnerships with 8 international institutes. 

  • Unique world class capability in high resolution chronostratigraphy via composite standards calibrated to the 2012 time scale, and novel analytical techniques in petroleum geochemistry (e.g., RockEval 6, kinetics, palynofacies).

  • ArcGIS delivery platform.

  1. 40 Graphic Correlation Charts Linked to Respective Well Locations 

  2. 40 Integrated Geochemical Well Summaries Linked to Respective Well Locations 

  3. 7 Chronostratigraphic Cross Sections Linked to Cross Section Locations 

  4. 13,219 Organic Geochemistry Sample Data Results (All Geo-referenced):

12,495 Organic Geochemistry Sample Data from Literature (Curated)

722 New TOC Analyses (Analyses Commissioned by EGI Oceans)

583 New Pyrolysis Analyses (Analyses Commissioned by EGI Oceans)

72 Samples from 18 Sites/Wells with Palynofacies Results 

  1. 569 Pyrograms Linked to Respective Organic Geochemistry Sample Locations 

  2. 14 Samples from 6 Wells with New Vitrinite Reflectance Analyses 

  3. VR Summary Sheets Linked to Respective Organic Geochemistry Sample Locations 

  4. 22 Samples from 12 Wells with Bulk Kinetics Analysis Results (4 models per sample)

Original Bulk Kinetics Data Results and Graphs Linked to Bulk Kinetics GIS Layer 

  1. 3 Samples from 3 Wells with Compositional Kinetics Results (Geo-referenced) 

  2. Source Rock Evaluation Interpretation for EGI Oceans Region 2 Wells GIS Layer

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