Asia-Pacific Hybrid Unconventional Non-marine Plays

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$175 total; $89k (USD) - Upon signing $86k (USD) - Start of Year 2
In Development
Principal Investigator(s):

Dr. Shu Jiang


Value to Sponsors:
  • An expanded understanding for basin-specific geologic, geochemical and

mineralogical knowledge of non-marine strata in major producing Asia- Pacific onshore basins with producing or potential unconventional plays.

  • Define basin evolution and the development of non-marine petroleum system elements including prioritized geological controls related to unconventional accumulation and production.

  • Generate predictive non-marine models for play habitat of stratigraphically associated hybrid unconventional tight sand/carbonate, shale and CBM hydrocarbon systems.

  • Characterization of unconventional plays via data integration, interpretation, analysis of sample tests and comparisons U.S. analog unconventional plays.

  • An evaluation of unconventional non-marine play opportunities.

  1. ArcGIS based database including stratigraphic charts, structural and

depositional evolution maps, atlas of oil/gas fields, maps of petroleum system

elements and charts, petroleum system modeling, play fairways maps for hybrid

unconventional non-marine plays, spreadsheets of sample tests, reservoir

characterization of representative hybrid unconventional plays, and models for

play concepts.

  1. Preliminary assessment of risk for each petroleum system including reservoir and source rock distribution.

  2. Data uploads, quarterly updates, meeting presentations, final project report text and figures.

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