Large-Scale Geologic Controls on Hydraulic Stimulation

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$50k (USD) per Sponsor
Completed | Immediate Delivery
Principal Investigator(s):
John McLennan


Michal Nemčok

421 2-2062-0781 (SVK)

Value to Sponsors:
  • Provides management and assessment teams quick-look guidelines from both

existing production test data or the early design of operational data collection for evaluating basin scale to large acreage block scale the stimulation considerations affecting the costs of completion that in unconventional plays can equal the costs of drilling a well.

  • Documents the value of understanding the tectonic setting and assessing the geologic signatures of the predominant North American shale plays in affecting costs of stimulation and providing a methodology to push effective decision and planning farther upstream for cost reduction of completions and maximizing recovery.

The deliverables for Phase 1 would include optimized decision tree

recommendations for stimulation procedures under various geologic scenarios.

They will be based on specific case studies that are evaluated and placed in

the context of the range of major geologic controls, and stress regimes. We

will develop a summary of the implications of the simulation programs,

indicating potential operational insights that relate to well locations,

drilling activities (if possible), and stimulation programs (where possible).

The development of this interactive decision tree will contain guidelines and

range of treatment conditions. It is meant to allow an intelligent first pass

design to be combined with secondary options based on early results from pilot

drilling. Participant guidance will be essential to outline deliverables.

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