Sheared Margins of Western Australia, Supplement

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Principal Investigator(s):
Michal Nemčok

421 2-2062-0781 (SVK)

John Conolly


Value to Sponsors:
  • A refined timing of break-up for large margin segments with detailed break-

up propagation timing, associated distinct vertical movement histories of different margin segments, and a better understanding of the associated depositional histories of individual margin segments.

  • Identify exact locations of extensional and sheared margin segments along the Western Australian margins and determine their exact break- up propagation with time, associated uplift histories, magmatism and depositional histories;

  • Ascertain their role in the petroleum system to facilitate development of hydrocarbon exploration models.

  1. Crustal boundary map with main faults and hydrocarbon occurrences.

  2. Color-coded break-up map identifying isostatic-rebound driven exhumation; sedimentary response to erosion in exhumed areas; stratigraphic gaps associated with break-up unconformity, and magnetic stripe anomaly-based ages of oldest oceanic crust. Additionally, continental margin segments, color-coded index of break-up timing, distribution of magma-poor versus magma-rich margin segments, and distribution of magmatic products and their relationship to margin types will be mapped individually.

  3. Map of thinned zones in the continental crust

  4. Map of spreading center locations through time

  5. Multiple gravity maps (different types)

  6. Sediment entry points

  7. 1D expulsion timing modeling approach focused on six different margin segments, each of them covered with five pseudo-wells. Priority will be given to sheared margins.

Each chapter of the report will include a brief text. The main focus of interpretation is a comparison of various phenomena at sheared versus extensional margin segments. Sample descriptions will be included in the report Appendix.

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