Global Critical Minerals Database - EGI’s New Initiative

By EGI in News

April 2nd, 2022

Critical elements and strategic minerals are increasingly becoming a hot topic for research and development as well as for exploration and production efforts worldwide. These elements and minerals are vital for both the energy transition and the global economy. They also pose significant geological, technological and environmental challenges. The first step in all these efforts is the access to big data and data analytics. As part of its iCORDSTM (Integrated Continental and Ocean Data System) program, EGI has been developing a global archive of elemental geochemistry for rocks and fluids both onshore and offshore. The first version of the Critical Minerals Database will be released in April, available on an annual subscription to EGI’s corporate associates. It includes geochemical elemental data of over 400,000 samples worldwide harvested and curated for easy access, query and data analytics. The database also includes various map layers to place the data in geologic and geographic contexts. For more information, please contact Principal Investigator and Research Professor Rasoul Sorkhabi.

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