Dr. Tony Dore Accepts Editorial Position at New Structural Geology Journal Tektonika

By EGI in News

June 27th, 2022

Dr. Tony Dore Accepts Editorial Position at New Structural Geology Journal Tektonika

EGI’s Global Chief Scientist Dr. Tony Dore has joined the executive editorial group of a brand-new peer-reviewed journal in structural geology, τeκτoniκa. The University of Aberdeen is providing institutional hosting for the publication.

Tektonika is a strong proponent of open access, making access to is content free for authors and readers. According to the journal, “Along with preprint platforms, data and software repositories, and sibling Diamond Open Access journals, τeκτoniκa is part of an expanding movement within academia focused on breaking the barriers inherited from the pre-internet publishing era, to ensure free and open access to knowledge for all.” The journal also values community engagement in all aspects of the publication. Dr. Dore is one of six Executive Editors serving on the journal’s Executive Editor team until 2025. EGI congratulates Dr. Dore on this new responsibility.

Dr. Dore has an extensive publication history of over 80 articles, book chapters, and editorial contributions. His most recent research work includes a study of the state of knowledge about the Gulf of Mexico. The study asks key questions about this important region: what questions remain to be answered, and what alternative ideas exist to answer them. He is now engaged in new research addressing some of these big questions.

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