EGI Directors Tribute

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July 5th, 2022

EGI salutes the scientists who have given outstanding leadership to the institute through the years. EGI is grateful for their dedication, service, and advocacy on behalf of the institute and our corporate associate members, and for how their work has positioned EGI in the energy transition environment. This tribute recognizes all of the individuals who have served as EGI’s Director since the merger of ESRI’s fossil energy division with UURI in 1995-96.

William Kanes (ESRI Director, 1972-1996; EGI Director, 1996-1999)

William Kanes became ESRI’s first director in 1973. Through ESRI’s corporate associates model, Kanes united academic research interests from geology and geophysics with the energy industry’s research needs. ESRI began its fieldwork in North Africa and expanded to other continents in the next decade. Through ESRI’s expansion in 1987 and merger with UURI in 1995, Kanes’ work focused on developing research excellence to make EGI an outstanding knowledge center and an internationally renowned energy research consortia. He earned many recognitions over his career, including a post as the National Science Foundation Resident Research Professor at the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Egypt and fellowships with the Geological Society of America and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Raymond Levey (EGI Director, 1999-2020)

Raymond Levey joined EGI and the University of Utah in 1997 following his associate position at the University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology. He was named EGI’s second director in 1999. EGI underwent many changes during Levey’s time at EGI, such as adding a new research capability in carbon sequestration by attracting the Carbon Research Group, growth of the corporate associate program to its largest membership in EGI history, and an extensive research catalog of more than 850 reports. Levey also fostered an expanding EGI international presence to include research on all seven continents and over 100 countries, affiliate offices on three continents, and partnerships with international organizations, universities, and government agencies. Levey received multiple honors during his career, including the Utah Energy Pioneer Award in 2020.

Milind Deo (EGI Director, 2021-Present)

Milind Deo was appointed EGI’s third director in 2021. With this role, Deo continues his 30-year career with the University of Utah, including positions as chair and Peter D. & Catherine R. Meldrum Endowed Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering and as deputy director of the Center for Multi-Scale Fluid-Solid Interactions in Architected and Natural Materials (MUSE). His research encompasses specialties ranging from reservoir evaluation and engineering, carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery and sequestration, and the flow of fluids including in nanoporous environments. Prior to his appointment as EGI Director, Deo was an EGI affiliate scientist and led multiple studies into fluid fractures and enhanced oil recovery. Deo is a recognized technical expert — he is an AIChE Fellow and was a SPE Distinguished Lecturer in 2017.

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