Welcome to ASK EGI

Welcome to ASK EGI, this thrice-yearly newsletter is our newest resource for EGI members to engage with scientists, research staff, and other professionals working to advance our mission: the science to inspire new ideas to explore for and produce the Earth’s energy resources. Building on our mission, we deliver unparalleled Access to the Scientific Knowledge that lowers the costs of exploration and enhances production of our CA members. ASK EGI will be published electronically three times per year—in winter, spring, and fall, coinciding with important cycles and events for both EGI and CA Members.

Our theme for this inaugural issue is Shale Science. A dominant growth sector of the industry at this time, as well as an exciting, continually expanding area of scientific research within the energy industry, shale science is the focus of 24 EGI Research Projects and our upcoming Shale Research Meetings, October 21-23, for three main research regions. This issue also highlights new EGI technological capabilities in Shale Science. Because there is little data available on the relative permeability in shales due to difficulty in performing these measurements, we’ve recently designed and built a “Shale Interrogator” system which will allow us to measure saturation pressures and absolute and relative permeabilities. The corresponding project, Measurement of Relative Permeabilities in Shales, will create a relative permeability database for different shale samples with relevant fluid pairs. A comprehensive summary of the new work being done in our labs, appears in the full issue.

Fall coincides with end-of-year planning and research investments for many of our Corporate Associate members. We invite you to visit EGIconnect.com to review the projects your company is currently sponsoring and explore our full Online Global Database, visit our interactive research map, or contact our research staff.

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Raymond Levey
EGI Director  & Research Professor