Wallace G. Dow Leaves A Legacy Of Contribution And Dedication

In June this year, EGI lost a friend and valuable contributor to the world of geoscience research. Wallace “Wally” G. Dow (1937-2016) was a pioneering scientist who helped lead revolutionary advances in our understanding of petroleum geochemistry and source rocks. His work and continued contributions to the study of source rock geochemistry have impacted the petroleum industry in profound ways.

His loss will be felt especially here at EGI by Research Professor Dr. Rasoul Sorkhabi who worked closely with Wally who kindly contributed as an honorary adviser to Rasoul’s Source Rocks in Space and through Time projects. In commemoration and celebration of Wally Dow’s life and work, GEO ExPro has republished a March 2014 article and interview by Dr. Sorkhabi: A Pioneer of Petroleum Geochemistry.

Rasoul, together with Dr. Joseph Curiale (Chevron) and Dr. Andrew Bishop (Shell), convened a special session at the 2014 AAPG Annual Convention in Houston titled, “Petroleum Geochemistry and Source Rock Characterization: Honoring 50 Years of Wallace Dow’s Contributions.”

Wally’s friends and colleagues at StratoChem Services shared a short obituary and dedicated their July 2016 newsletter, which includes a reprint of an interview, to his memory, saying

“Wally Dow was more than just a great scientist.  He was a kind, supportive, and generous man, happy to offer guidance to young geoscientists. Moreover, he was a savvy and astute businessman, who, along with his partner and wife Marlys, was instrumental in helping … StratoChem Services get its start.”

Kick-off meeting for the EGI project Source Rocks in Space and through Time on March 21, 2013 in Houston hosted by Eni. Seated in front is Wallace Dow (left).