Tony Doré Receives Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Award

EGIGlobal Chief Scientist among recipients of Best Article Award

Global Chief Scientist & Senior Advisor to the Director, Tony Doré, with his co-authors, was awarded the 2019 Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Award for their paper titled “Triassic-Paleogene paleogeography of the Arctic: Implication for Sediment routing and Basin fill.”

The Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Award serves to honor and reward the author(s) of the best AAPG Bulletin article published each calendar year.

The paper appeared in AAPG Bulletin 102.

Sømme, Tor & Doré, Anthony & Lundin, Erik & Tørudbakken, Bjorn. (2018). Triassic–Paleogene paleogeography of the Arctic: Implications for sediment routing and basin fill. AAPG Bulletin. 102. 2481-2517. 10.1306/05111817254.