Utah FORGE Drills New Wells and Prepares for First Large-scale Microseismicity Simulation

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November 15th, 2021

Utah FORGE Drills New Wells and Prepares for First Large-scale Microseismicity Simulation

The past few months have seen significant drilling activity at the Utah FORGE site. You can check out the newest Utah FORGE video highlighting the successful drilling and completion of the first deep deviated well 16A(78)-32. You can view the video here!

Since completing well 16A(78)-32, which will be used to inject water into the reservoir, we drilled two additional deep vertical wells. Well 56-32 was drilled on the north side of Mag Lee Wash to a depth of 9,070 ft. The well reached a temperature of 435°F at total depth. In July, we completed well 78B-32 to a depth of 9,500 ft. This is the deepest and hottest well at the Utah FORGE site. The temperature at the bottom of this well is estimated to be close to 460°F.

Lessons learned from drilling the previous wells were applied to 78B-32. Using bits with modified designs and closely monitoring drilling parameters reduced the time to drill this well compared to the first wells by nearly 50%. In fact, a new drilling record in hard hot granite was set: 1,208 ft in 53 hours on a single bit run. We will use these lessons to further improve drilling performance when we begin work on the production well late next year. Since drilling accounts for nearly 50% of the cost of a geothermal development project, reducing those costs will have a major impact on geothermal development worldwide.

We are currently making plans for stimulating three zones near the toe of well 16A(78)-32. A new temperature survey indicates the well reached a temperature of 427°F. The first zone will be in the 200 ft of uncased rock at the toe of the well. The second and third stimulations will be in the cased portion of the well. This will be the first time we conduct large-scale stimulations in one of the Utah FORGE wells. The stimulations will be monitored for microseismicity using 12 level geophone strings in three deep wells, as well as shallow and surface seismometers. The microseismic data will tell us how high and wide the fractures grow. These are exciting times at Utah FORGE! And you can always keep apprised of all our activities by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Caption: Utah FORGE well drilling in Milford, UT

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