The Azolla Story Published as E-Book

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January 13th, 2021

The Azolla Story Published as E-Book

EGI congratulates our colleague and Affiliate Scientist, Dr. Jonathan Bujak, and his co-author Alexandra Bujak, on the publication of their book The Azolla Story.  The book is available to all for download as an E-book.

Dr. Jonathan Bujak has more than 40 years experience studying modern and fossil pollen, spores, and dinoflagellates (palynomorphs) within a geological, oceanographic, and climatic context. He has studied hundreds of wells and sections from the northeast Atlantic region and is the designated expert for North Sea and Faroe-Shetland equity disputes. Dr. Bujak was involved with the only two expeditions to core sediments beneath the North Pole – the 1979 shallow Lomonosov Ridge Expedition (LOREX) and the 2004 Arctic Coring Expedition (ACEX), which discovered the Eocene ‘Arctic Azolla Event.’

His work is widely featured in geoscience publications, television, and radio, including Nature (2006), GEO ExPro Magazine (2007, 2013), and Geoscientist Magazine (2014), as well as BBC Radio 4’s ‘Inside Science’ and Washington’s ‘Climate Science,’ which was reprinted in Scientific American.  He co-founded the Azolla Foundation in 2011 with his daughter Alexandra Bujak.

Read a sample from the E-book The Azolla Story by Dr. Jonathan Bujak and Alexandra Bujak.
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