In Development

  • I01243 Improved Kinetic Models for Resource Play Assessment
  • I01242 Karoo Basin Unconventional Characterization
  • I01214 Shale Liquids Production Analysis
  • I01163 South China Sea Petroleum Systems
  • I01226 Asia-Pacific Hybrid Unconventional Non-marine Plays
  • I01020_2 Source Rocks in Space & through Time, Phase 2
  • I01233 Myanmar to Java – Basin Analysis & Petroleum Systems
  • I01069_2 Sheared Margins of Western Australia, Phase 2
  • I01170 East African Basins & Petroleum Systems
  • I01284 Enhanced Oil Recovery in Shales
  • I01285 Beyond Digital Rock Physics
  • I01286 Petroleum Migration History - Colombian Foreland
  • I01287 Heterogeneity of Fine-grained Reservoirs
  • I01288 Production & Economic Analysis of Tight Reservoirs
  • I01289 Timely Tectonics: In-situ Stress, Creep & Relaxation
  • I01290 Slippery Surfaces: On the Behavior of Bedding
  • I01291 Circum-Adriatic Petroleum Systems

In Progress

  • I01232 Southern Papuan Basin Integrated Petroleum Systems
  • I01020 Source Rocks in Space & through Time
  • I01229 EGI Oceans – C & N Atlantic Petroleum Systems
  • I01005_2 South American Shales, Phase 2
  • Q42014 Rifts & Passive Margins
  • I01162 Large-Scale Geologic Controls on Hydraulic Stimulation
  • I01210 Petroleum Systems Atlas of Mexico
  • I01276 EGI Oceans – South Atlantic