SPE 2015 Star Fellowship Recipient Manas Pathak

EGI Graduate Research Assistant Manas Pathak was recently awarded the SPE Star Fellowship for the Rocky Mountain North America Region. Star scholarships and fellowships support Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) student members pursuing degrees related to the oil and gas industry, dedicating over a million dollars to be awarded across 16 regions.

SPE International scholarship recipients will be honored during the Student General Session and Awards Luncheon in association with the 2015 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Houston, TX, USA.

Manas is currently working with EGI Affiliate Scientist and University of Utah Chair of Chemical Engineering Dr. Milind Deo on research at both basin and nano scales, attempting to model different geologic processes that play a role in retention of hydrocarbons in shale gas and shale liquid plays. Since joining EGI as a Fellow in 2013, his research has focused on geologic controls on production of shale play resources. At the nano scale, he is conducting Molecular Dynamics Simulations on kerogen-fluids systems to understand the dynamics at pore level as well as looking at the thermodynamics of kerogen-fluids systems to understand the changes in fluid properties. In addition, he is also working at the basin scale examining over-pressure generation in the Eagle Ford. He continues to build upon his Ph.D. research work to tie the nano scale investigation with the reservoir characterization of tight rocks, using his substantial skills and experience to further contribute to the development of unconventional shale play resources.

Manas has also served as the vice president for the SPE student chapter at the University of Utah.

EGI extends our warmest congratulations to Manas for his exceptional achievement.