Shale Plays of the Middle East

New Article and Distinguished Lecture from EGI’s Rasoul Sorkhabi

photo credit: GEOExPro, vol 16 issue 5

Dr. Rasoul Sorkhabi recently published an article entitled Shale Plays of the Middle East in GeoExPro (Vol. 16 no.5, 2019). The article examines the potential for transferring the U.S. shale technology revolution to exploration in the Middle East.  While shale formations are common throughout the Middle East, Dr. Sorkhabi goes on to evaluate current challenges and opportunities in potential development of shale resources in the region. Visit GeoExPro to read Dr. Sorkhabi’s full article.

EGI is also delighted to announce that Dr. Sorkhabi will also be presenting on the subject as an EGI Distinguished Lecturer. For more information and scheduling, please email us and someone will respond promptly.