Save the Date for AAPG ACE 2021 in Denver, Colorado

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January 14th, 2021

Save the Date for AAPG ACE 2021 in Denver, Colorado

EGI is looking forward and planning for AAPG ACE 2021.

Save the date now, and plan to meet EGI in Denver. Whether we’re on-line or on-site, EGI will be there! May 23-16 in Denver, Colorado.

This year AAPG is moving forward with ACE, planned as an in-person event with a hybrid component for those unable to travel.  While coronavirus conditions across the US remain in flux, AAPG is planning to offer a hybrid model to allow participants and exhibitors the opportunity to be a part of the event whether they are able to join in-person or through a virtual conference portal.

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Looking back at the unique challenges of 2020, it sometimes seems a wonder that Conferences and Events continued to be held.  Even more remarkable is the high-quality presentations that we have come to rely on from in-person events have— through hard work creativity— translated to the on-line environment that has dominated 2020. Though it took some adjustment, EGI was inspired by the robust technical presentations that are a cornerstone of AAPG ACE, as well as the innovative efforts at bringing people and exhibitors together for a virtual expo and on-line networking.

EGI’s virtual Exhibit Booth in AAPG ACE’s online space offered a unique opportunity for us to think creatively in delivering our message and services to visitors. We launched a new series of EGI short video presentations highlighting topics ranging from technical expertise and innovation, to regional projects, new research, and education and training highlights. The video project, in the works for some time, was inspired in part by a growing need both within EGI and among our members for new avenues for sharing and consuming information. With around 300 unique visitors to EGI’s virtual exhibition booth, we were able to meet and engage with many of our current members, as well those new to learning about the Institute.

EGI also had two separate presenters as part of the technical program.  EGI Research Professor Dr. Rasoul Sorkhabi presented “Technological Developments Leading to the Petroleum System and Basin Modeling: Implications for Shale Plays.” In his talk, Rasoul traced the scientific and methodological evolution of the petroleum system approach to exploration and highlighted the significance of the petroleum system method for locating production sweetspots in shale plays.

EGI Research Fellow Carlos Vega-Ortiz  presented “Coal Bed Methane Field Delineation and Reservoir Volumetric Estimation for CO2 Storage, Buzzard Bench Field, Emery County, Utah” in the Unconventional Resources poster forum.

With plans for AAPG ACE 2021 already in progress, we look forward to a robust and inspired event.  It is our hope that we will all be able to return to in-person meetings in 2021. If that’s not the case, we’ll see you there virtually!

If we missed you at AAPG and you have questions or needs, please email us at and let’s talk about how we can help support your business in the coming year.

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