Rifts and Passive MarginsBook Sponsorship

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Investment per Sponsor:
$10-25k (USD)
Status:  Available Q1 2016 –
Book Sponsorship

Principal Investigator:

Michal Nemčok
421-2-546 30 337 (Slovakia)

Value to Sponsors

The author seeks sponsorship from CA members to prepare and deliver a systematic manual on exploration in rift and passive margin regions and improve the understanding of petroleum systems in these settings. The anticipated results are highly relevant to future successful exploration, to development of the new generation of exploration geologists, and to internal oil company training programs.

The strategy is to merge results of the current literature and our internal research, and create a 500-page book called “Rifts and Passive Margins— Structural Architecture, Thermal Regimes and Petroleum Systems.” We consider this book to be somewhat of a second volume of the series that started with our successful book “Thrustbelts: structural architecture, thermal regimes and petroleum systems,” from Cambridge UniversityPress. Our goal is to provide current and future explorers a comprehensive manual on exploration in rift and passive margins settings. Delivery is expected in early 2016.

We have integrated the results from current literature and our own research to create a 500-page book titled “Rifts and Passive Margins—Structural Architecture, Thermal Regimes & Petroleum Systems” (ISBN: 9781107025837). This work is a comprehensive manual on exploration in rift and passive margins settings. The text is supported by numerous seismic and geologic cross-sections, maps, and is organized in three primary blocks. A Table of Contents listing is available on the Cambridge University Press website.

The first block focuses on development of the knowledge of the structural architecture in rift and passive margin terrains, together with an understanding of the controlling factors and their significance. The second block discusses the knowledge of the thermal regimes and their controls. The first two blocks progressively develop a foundation for the third block, that focuses on and describes petroleum systems in rift and passive margin terrains and their controlling factors.

Additionally, each chapter has been converted into a PowerPoint slide show. The entire collection of slide shows will represent a comprehensive short course that can be used as an internal training tool for sponsoring companies interested in the exploration of rift and passive margin settings for new venture and exploration teams.