Production & Economic Analysis of Tight Reservoirs




In Development

Principal Investigator(s):

Palash Panja


Raul Velasco

(801) 581-5126

Milind Deo


Value to Sponsors

  • Provide insight to multiphase flow behavior in hydraulically fractured reservoirs using analytical and numerical tools.
  • Develop diagnosis tools to help determine the impact of reservoir rock, fluid, completion, and operational practices on liquid recovery.
  • Apply acquired knowledge to increase liquid recovery through optimization of completion practices such as fracture and well spacing.
  • Provide semi-analytical tools that capture complex multiphase flow behavior and their application to a robust production data base (over 6000 wells) from prolific liquid plays in the USA such as the Bakken, Niobrara, Eagle Ford, Woodford, and the Permian Basin.
  • Apply developed knowledge as reservoir evaluation tools to:
    • Calculate fracture interference time
    • Determine fracture conductivity
    • Determine reservoir depletion
    • Forecast fluid production
    • Estimate EUR
  • Identify geological, fluid, rock-fluid, completion and operational parameters and their degree of influence on production through semi-analytical and numerical multivariate analysis.
  • Based on the developed theoretical framework, provide a universal fracture and well spacing optimization strategy that considers production and current economic trends such as oil prices.

Liquid production from shales do not follow conventional wisdom due to the highly complex nature of multiphase flow in hydraulically fractured reservoirs. Developing a comprehensive understanding of the kind of impact that various geological, fluid, rock-fluid, completion, and operational parameters have on multiphase flow is essential to shale production evaluation. In addition to developing a theoretical framework, analytical and simulation tools are applied to thousands of wells in prolific liquid plays in the USA. Conclusions from this comprehensive study will help us better understand oil shale behavior and optimize production strategies.