Improved Kinetic Models for Resource Play AssessmentIn Development


$75k (USD) per Sponsor


In Development

Principal Investigator(s):

Value to Sponsors

  • Each sponsor can select one North American resource play to be analyzed
  • Fundamental understanding of resource play dynamics from a source rock centric standpoint
    • ability to predict resource play fairway extent using custom kinetic models calibrated to measured kerogen conversion behavior,
    • ability to link kinetic model results to field derived production data for enhanced fairway prediction, and
    • access to EGI enhanced shale workflow form ‘core to log scale’
  • Value add through custom ‘play specific’ kerogen kinetics for predictions critical to resource exploration (kerogen to petroleum transformation ratio, petroleum generation ratio, petroleum system timing, HC volume balance, and HC fluid properties)
  • Access to detailed petroleum systems summaries and source rock character descriptions documenting degree of variability and impact on genetic potential
  • Statistical analysis of hydrocarbon yield and phase calculations from calibrated kinetic models for resource potential estimates and ranking of North American shale systems
  • Value bullets here
  1. Detailed petroleum system synopsis for each sponsor selected resource play formation
  2. Up to 400 new organic geochemistry samples per sponsoring company analyzed at EGI lab
  3. Access to robust organic geochemistry database compiled from existing EGI reports, public domain and newly analyzed samples for each studied play
  4. A comprehensive set of empirically derived kinetic models
  5. Core descriptions, core derived high resolution logs (las format), thin section microscopy images, 1D basin model summaries, and kinetic model sensitivity study results; summary of key source rock formation characteristics

This project aims to provide a detailed analysis of kerogen behavior under maturation with regards to resource specific parameters that are required for a robust play fairway prediction. The project will deliver a comprehensive set of source rock kinetic models for,

  • Assessment of play specific liquid and gas windows (fairway location and width)
  • Predictions of expected fluid type and phase behavior (sweet spot de-risking)
  • Local calibration with pilot well and/or production data
  • Applicability in play entry decisions as well as in cost savings through target high grading