East African Basins & Petroleum Systems


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Principal Investigator(s):

Rasoul Sorkhabi


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The project results will integrate the onshore and o shore basins of East Africa, will compare and contrast the East African margin with its corresponding Gondwana margins (including India and Madagascar) in terms of petroleum systems, and will analyze the superimposition of the Cenozoic rift basins on the underlying Cretaceous sediments and the effects of East African rift tectonics on the overall sedimentary and structural evolution of the East African margin. The work will be conducted in collaboration with institutions in selected East African countries.

The ArcGIS deliverables will include detailed integrated stratigraphic charts, structural cross-sections, well-controlled paleogeographic facies reconstructions (Carboniferous-Recent), play fairway maps, basin modeling, and geochemistry of oil samples.

The East African region from Sudan as far south as Mozambique encompasses a sedimentary record from the Late Carboniferous to Recent times. The relative distribution and preservation of these sediments were largely controlled by tectonic events as the region evolved from an inter-cratonic basin at the heart of Gondwana in the late Paleozoic through the rift-drift fragmentation of Gondwana during the Jurassic-Cretaceous to its present settings as an onshore continental rift and o shore passive margin. This project constructs a regional framework for the paleogeographic, structural and petroleum-system evolution of East Africa (onshore to deepwater).