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Principal Investigator(s):

Alastair Fraser
44 207-594-6530 (UK)

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ArcGIS project of wells, seismic & maps from previous onshore U.K. conventional studies

2D seismic from UKOGL database

Analysis of organic rich shales of the Carboniferous and Jurassic.

  • Presence
  • Richness
  • Maturity
  • Burial and Uplift history

North American Analogs
U.K. Shale Gas Resource Potential

The exploitation of Shale Gas in the US has had a profound impact on gas supply in the US, perhaps for the next 100 years. Europe is now looking to access similar resources. In the onshore UK, the organic rich Shales of the Carboniferous of Northern England and Jurassic of Southern England would appear to present technically & economically viable targets and recent drilling by Cuadrilla has heightened interest both from industry and media in the Shale Gas potential. This report will draw on expertise at Imperial College & EGI to generate a review of the potential in the onshore UK, location, volumes, technology and accessibility.


  • Summarize geological logs for over 60 wells penetrating the Lower Carboniferous
  • 50 2D seismic profiles covering the main basinal areas
  • ArcGIS Interactive Database


  • Geological well correlations for the main Jurassic intervals from 20 boreholes
  • 40 2D seismic profiles used to construct regional N-S and E-W profiles across the Weald Basin
  • 60 core samples and 40 cuttings samples from the main Jurassic shale units for mineralogical & geochemical analyses (including several key wells previously unsampled by industry)
  • ArcGIS Interactive Database

ArcGIS Documentation


 Phase 1 includes core data from Carboniferous Basins in northern England and Jurassic of southern England. Results will include:

  • Geochemical and petrological analyses for onshore cores sampled using decicated workflows designed from USA, China, South America and India shale programs.
  • An agreement with DECC to access UK BGS data and interpretations.
  • An extensive and robust ArcGIS database of wells, seismic and geological interpretations was delivered to sponsors in October 2013.
  • A series of Common Risk Segment maps highlighting sweet spots in northern and southern England are anticipated.