Central Eurasia ShalesCompleted


$80k (USD) per Sponsor



Principal Investigator(s):

Júlia Kotulová
421-2-544 10 569 (Slovakia)

Value to Sponsors

The premise of this proposal is that a thorough evaluation of potential shale resource plays in Central Eurasia will provide an indication of which basins possess the characteristics needed for successful exploitation. High-grading beyond basin scale is anticipated, but subject to data availability. We plan to address the broader geologic aspects such as geologic setting, tectonic history, basin history and depositional environment as well as the more specific rock characteristics including geochemistry and rock properties. Shale distribution and volume will also be addressed. Data utilized will include the extensive EGI database of samples, well and seismic data, reports and literature, public domain information and newly derived data from in-country educational organizations, state geological entities and ministries if possible.

The proposed project on shale gas and shale liquids plays in Central Eurasia is a comprehensive study. It will involve mass data mining and systematic analysis. EGI’s shale resource experience and methodology will be employed to study basins in Central Eurasia from basin to reservoir scale (See Figure 1). Petroleum geology, basin history and sequence stratigraphy will also be integrated into the synthesis, interpretation and compilation of data. The information mined from data gathering will be used for constructing tectono-stratigraphic cross-sections, sequence stratigraphic framework, paleogeographic maps, and characterizing the fundamental geologic, geochemical, petrological and petrophysical attributes of potential gas shales. Significant tasks include:

  • Preliminary High-Grading of Central Eurasian Basins
  • Literature Review & Project Scope
  • Data Mining & Visits to Central Eurasia
  • Sample Analysis
  • Task 5: Data Integration & Interpretation.
  • Digital hot-linked report with particular emphasis on aspects that impact shale gas/liquid potential, including structural/tectonic setting, burial history, petroleum system, geochemistry, heterogeneity, fractures/faults, petrology, petrography and rock properties. The report will include key maps, cross sections, diagrams and tabulations.
  • GIS map database that will include geographic information, topography, shaded relief, satellite image, basin outlines, protected areas, surface geologic map, well locations, oil and gas fields, petroleum infrastructure, data and sample locations as well as interpretations and location points derived from this study.
  • Compilation of characteristics of key North American shales that will allow analogue comparisons with the Central Eurasian shales.


A Final Report of results along with a GIS database, will be delivered to Sponsors following the conclusion of the Project.  The Project duration is 18 months. If there is additional sponsorship, the Project may be extended in accordance with the funding available and may be adjusted to answer additional questions that develop as the project proceeds.

A Project update meeting was held with Sponsors in October 2014 in Salt Lake City, UT.