Carbon Capture and Sequestration Industrial Affiliate Program (CC-SIAP)

Scientific methods and technological tools for safe and sustainable carbon storage and management.

Our mission is to conduct theoretical, experimental, and computational research for the development of applied solutions for the efficient, safe and sustainable energy transition to a net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions economy and environment.

Our research includes carbon storage geological site feasibility and characterization, induced seismicity monitoring and prediction, simulation of CO2 plume and pressure front migration, evaluation of CO2 leakage risks, CO2 site monitoring and other activities associated with CO2storage at depleted oil/gas reservoirs and saline aquifers.

In addition to the scientific research, the Carbon Science Initiative is constantly apprised of applicable existing and proposed legislation as well as federal/state policies and regulations, including tax incentives for Carbon Sequestration (e.g. IRS Section 45Q and California’s LCFS), and US EPA and state Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits.

Our team is co-directed by Dr. Brian McPherson (geophysics & hydrology), Dr. No’am Zach Dvory (geomechanics), Dr. Ting Xiao (geochemistry & risk assessment), Dr. Nathan Moodie (reservoir engineering) and Rob Simmons (policy, liability, legislation and regulation)

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