Rifts & Passive Margins Book Release

Dr. Michal Nemčok, EGI Research Professor and visiting professor at the Energy & Geoscience Institute Laboratory at the Geological Institute SAV, Bratislava, is author of the recently released (March 2016) book from Cambridge University Press: Rifts and Passive Margins – Structural Architecture, Thermal Regimes, and Petroleum Systems. This book represents a loosely-related follow-up from a previous volume, titled Thrustbelts – Structural Architecture, Thermal Regimes, and Petroleum Systems, published by Cambridge University Press in November 2005. EGI is pleased to have supported the project throughout the book’s lifecycle. We are proud of the work and expertise EGI scientists bring to the Institute and congratulate Michal on the completion of this ambitious project.

This book aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of rifts and passive margins as a whole. The aim is to synthesize existing information devoted to specific aspects of these most important hydrocarbon habitats. The book assembles this information in one volume, in a manner that permits the knowledge to be used to assess the risks of exploring and operating in these settings and development of systematic and predictive hydrocarbon screening tools.

This synthesis is completed from results of personal, long-term research on rifts and passive margins, numeric validations of various concepts, and extensive tables documenting various factors influencing structural styles, thermal regimes, and petroleum systems, as well as rates of various geologic processes. This book should have value to a broad range of readers, spanning from geology students, through exploration geologists, to exploration managers exploring for hydrocarbons in analogous settings.

The author expresses his gratitude to the sponsoring companies whose support helped make the book possible: Shell, Repsol, Total, and Pacific Rubiales Energy.