Professional Conferences Enhance Student Experience

This summer, EGI Research Assistant Spencer Nish attended both the 2015 AAPG ACE and URTeC (Unconventional Resources Technology Conference) events as an EGI student representative. Spencer is currently working with Dr. Joseph Moore, researching Deep Sedimentary Geothermal basins. Spencer received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering in spring 2013 and will earn a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering in 2015.

Spencer shared his impression of his first petroleum industry conference and his take-aways as a student emerging in the field.

As an engineering student with limited geological background I was not the typical AAPG attendee, yet was able to come away with greater appreciation for and understanding of the geological side of the petroleum industry and the importance of geologists and engineers coordinating their efforts. I was initially hesitant with my limited background as to how much I’d understand attending the technical sessions and was thankful I took the Petroleum Geology course as part of the University of Utah’s Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering program before attending as it provided much needed background.

I felt much more at home attending URTeC having previously worked on the Liquids from Shales, Phase 2 project at EGI and was excited to see the new research and focus on unconventional resources. The interactive panel discussions were particular highlights for me hearing industry experts discuss the state of the industry and to hear their and the attendee’s comments and questions.