Petroleum Geoscience and the New Energy Reality

photo, male, speaker, Tony Doré, EGI

As countries around the globe went into pandemic lockdown, virtual classes, meetings, and presentations came roaring to the forefront for both industry and academic outreach and dissemination activities. Among those at the front of the curve was EGI’s Global Chief Scientist, Tony Doré, based in London, UK.

On June 10, Tony delivered a presentation at the on-line Subsurface Energy Webinar – Transition to Clean Growth presented by ReFINE at the University of Newcastle. His timely presentation is titled “Petroleum, Geoscience and the New Energy Reality” and is available for all to view at here on our website under Videos or at the conference website.

Tony’s presentation offered insights on the future of the global petroleum industry, with attention to topics including “world energy consumption, climate change and scenarios for different development paths,” with consideration for the question of “what we, as scientists and engineers, can do to meet the challenge of the energy transition.”

image, presentation slide
Petroleum Geoscience and the New Energy Reality, by Dr. Tony Doré.