On-line Presentations and Events are Gaining Momentum

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September 13th, 2020

As the world has begun to adapt to the new reality of virtual meetings and education delivery, EGI and the energy industry have stepped-up to meet the challenge as well. As the new realities of remote working and virtual events has taken hold over the last six months, webinars, virtual conferences, and online learning have accelerated in both quantity and quality. EGI is encouraged by the flexibility and engagement our staff, partners, and customers have shown, and we look forward to continuing to enhance the value of membership in EGI as we all navigate the opportunities and challenges in on-line engagement.

Recent highlights in virtual presentations and events

Tony Doré, EGI Global Chief Scientist in London, UK, delivered a presentation at the on-line Subsurface Energy Webinar – Transition to Clean Growth on June 10. Tony’s timely presentation is titled “Petroleum, Geoscience and the New Energy Reality” and is available for all to view at https://tonydore.info/ssetalk.php.

Tony also recently presented one of EGI’s first on-line short courses to Husky Energy, based in Calgary, Canada, on June 16 & 17. For Husky, Tony presented “Exploration Risk and Play Analysis,” a two-day virtual short course delivered via Zoom. This course– customized to your company’s interests and focus – is available to all EGI members. For details or to schedule a short course, please email EGI at contactEGI@egi.utah.edu

Thermal History of Transform Margins Project Meeting.

June also saw the first fully-online final project meeting, with Michal Nemčok presenting the findings of his recently concluded project Thermal History of Transform Margins. The presentation with discussion, presented via Zoom, was attended by about 35 representatives of the five sponsor companies. While the new virtual format was a departure from the traditional in-person meeting, Michal and his team offered the flexibility of extended discussions with individual sponsors at their convenience or scheduling a private project meeting– features not generally available under the constraints of travel and on-site logistics.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can continue to meet your needs and support your activities, while making the most of your EGI membership. In addition to established on-line presentations and short courses, EGI is open to discussion around potential new or customized offerings based on companies’ areas of focus and need.

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