Of Note

EGI Scientist Wins Utah Photography Competition

EGI extends our warmest congratulations to Research Scientist Dr. Bryony Richards-McClung for selection by the Utah Wilderness 50 photo contest of one of her photographs, titled Navajo Arch. The photograph appears in a special exhibition of the Natural History Museum of Utah, reflecting on the story of Utah’s public lands.  An award winning photographer, Bryony combines her passion for geology with her love of the image to create unique, compelling visual stories of the land, its people, and its resources, noting “As an economic geologist, I have spent a lot of my career trying to work out how natural resources were formed and what stories we can glean from their deposition. I have learned however, that it is equally valuable to take a step-back and appreciate what is on the surface, not just what could exists beneath.”

The Utah Wilderness 50 special exhibition opened September 3, 2014 at the Natural History Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City and commemorates the “spirit, vitality, and diversity of all of Utah’s public wildlands.”

EGI Speaker Presentation:  Innovation, Scale & the Myths of “Green” Energy

EGI, in coordination with the Hinckley Institute for Politics at the University of Utah, is pleased to bring author and widely respected journalist Robert Bryce to Salt Lake for discussions with both EGI and the Hinkley Institute. Mr. Bryce will be speaking on “Innovation, Scale & the Myths of ‘Green’ Energy” as well as his newest book, Smarter Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper: How Innovation Keeps Proving the Catastrophists Wrong.  Join EGI & the Hinkley Institute in early 2015 for a special presentation by the author.

As a global leader in energy science research, EGI is proud to partner with the Hinckley Institute in presenting a unique program bridging the science to find energy with journalism and citizen involvement.  Robert Bryce has been a professional journalist for nearly three decades and has been writing about the energy business since 1989. His articles have appeared in dozens of publications and he is the author of numerous books.  Watch for further details in the next issue of ASK EGI and on our website.

Education: U of U Degree & Certificate Programs, Short Courses & Field Courses

The global experience, expertise and industry-relevant research conducted by EGI scientists and engineers are the fundamental building blocks for the knowledge, design, and delivery of Field and Short Courses offered to CA Members. Course participants are taught by thought-leaders in the energy sector who bring an independent perspective to the major challenges facing the industry today.  All CA Member companies receive one week of instructional services and training (choose from a variety of short and field courses) and one week of dedicated peer assist consultation with EGI scientists as a benefit of membership.  Additionally, EGI, in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah, supports a Masters of Science degree program in Petroleum Engineering. For more information about educational offerings, visit EGI’s website and view detailed field and short course descriptions and extended details on the M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering degree.

New View of Rainier’s Volcanic Plumbing – EGI’s Phil Wannamaker

“This is the most direct image yet capturing the melting process that feeds magma
into a crustal reservoir that eventually is tapped for eruptions.”

We are excited to congratulate EGI Research Professor Phil Wannamaker on the release of his recently published study in the journal Nature. The article, titled “Pathway from subducting slab to surface for melt and fluids beneath Mount Rainier” is in the July 17, 2014 issue of the journal.  Read more